Union County Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup 

Bringing together community partners with the common goal of reducing substance use among youth in Union County.

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"Guiding Light"

Mentor Spotlight

Collin Ng

 I wanted to become a mentor because I wanted to learn more. I didn't have much experience with kids and I was always curious why parents loved their kids so much. I found, through mentoring Wylder, that kids can be a spark of joy in the hardest of times.  I hope that I can help Wylder open up and have a great time in school. 

UCHS Senior, 

Collin Ng 

"Bright Light"

Coalition Member Spotlight 

Karen Cassity

My name is Karen Cassity. My family and I moved to the area 2 years ago to be closer to my extended family. I'm a devoted wife of almost 30 years to my wonderful husband, Dan, and a blessed mom of three.

Last year, I decided to attend a UCCPAW meeting after learning about it at Family Connections. I decided to join because of the meaningful impact the coalition is having in our community. I'm excited to learn about how they are educating students and their families about the dangers of underage vaping and drinking. This was especially important to me since I have a child attending middle school here. 

I strongly believe the best way to make a difference in either your community or even your own family is to be engaged and involved in what's happening.

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Substance Abuse Program Coordinator

Dawn Brookshire

Phone: 706-835-4351

Email: dbrookshire@ucschools.org

Union County Family Connection

Katy Jones

Phone: 706-835-4351

Email: kjones@ucschools.org